Eden Approach


Bill Schuman, Dietitian

Bill Schuman is our Nationally Registered Dietitian

Jackie Schuman, RN, MH
Jackie Schuman is our Masters Level Nurse and Nursing Professor



Marie Mundy is our Certified Personal Trainer

Rodrick Washington Personal Trainer

Rodrick Washington is our Personal Fitness Consultant



What We Offer to Help You Stay Healthy


Nutritional Counseling using the latest knowledge and techniques in the fields of Nutrition, Herbs, and Holistic Medicine.

Counseling and Suport

We offer daily counseling, coaching, encouragement, guidance and support to ensure that you can meet your goals and achieve your optimum state of health.

Personal Training

Our Personal Trainer is the best in the business. He meets you at your level and progresses you at your speed to achieve any level of physical fitness you desire.


Your Personal Fitness Consultant is

Rodrick Washington

Why use a Personal Fitness Consultant?

The benefits of using a personal fitness instructor are that they are trained to do a fitness assessment and design an exercise plan that progresses over time. A Personal Fitness Consultant trainer can offer lifestyle modification advice, teach you how to use exercise equipment and spot you while exercising.

Today, Fitness Consultants are specializing in injury recovery, cardiac rehabilitation, and even specific conditions like diabetes and obesity, conditions that can cause dangerous complications if you're pushed too hard or too quickly. A Fitness Consultant who works with people living with diabetes should know that nerve damage is a very real concern. People who are obese already have a lot of stress on their heart. You need a trainer who understand your condition and can help you get active without risking your life.

A personal trainer will work with you one-on-one in a gym or even in your home. He will assess your level of fitness and design a program that will help you lose weight including combining cardiovascular activity with strength training exercises. A Fitness Consultant will evaluate your current exercise habits and demonstrate ways to improve so that you can get the most out of your workouts. Your Fitness Consultant will keep records on your progress so that you are constantly challenged.

To lose weight through exercise, healthy adults need about 60 to 90 minutes of cardiovascular activity five days a week. A Fitness Consultant can help you develop a workout plan based on your unique needs and will work alongside you to ensure that your reaching your target heart rate and exercising correctly.


Coming in the spring:  Walk with Rod by the River