Eden Approach


Bill Schuman, Dietitian

Bill Schuman is our Nationally Registered Dietitian and Herbalist.

Jackie Schuman, RN, MH
Jackie Schuman is our Masters Level Nurse and Master Herbalist

Rodrick Washington Personal Trainer

Rodrick Washington is our Certified Personal Trainer



What We Offer to Help You Stay Healthy


Nutritional Counseling using the latest knowledge and techniques in the fields of Nutrition, Herbs, and Holistic Medicine.

Counseling and Suport

We offer daily counseling, coaching, encouragement, guidance and support to ensure that you can meet your goals and achieve your optimum state of health.

Personal Training

Our Personal Trainer is the best in the business. He meets you at your level and progresses you at your speed to achieve any level of physical fitness you desire.


Medical Nutrition Therapy
for Weight Loss

Weight Loss counseling is provided for all patients receiving Medical Nutrition Therapy. The Eden Approach offers a nutritionally sound and exteremely effective method for showing people how to lose weight permanently in ways that are customized to their life style and living situation. The Eden Approach combines eating behavior analysis with habit change guidelines and daily coaching through our interactive website. Each patient is shown step by step and day by day, how to gain control of their eating and achieve the success they have been looking for.