Eden Approach


Bill Schuman, Dietitian

Bill Schuman is our Nationally Registered Dietitian

Jackie Schuman, RN, MH
Jackie Schuman is our Masters Level Nurse and Nursing Professor

What We Offer to Help You Stay Healthy


Nutritional Counseling using the latest knowledge and techniques in the fields of Nutrition, Herbs, and Holistic Medicine.

Counseling and Suport

We offer daily counseling, coaching, encouragement, guidance and support to ensure that you can meet your goals and achieve your optimum state of health.



About Us

The Eden Approach is a back to basics approach to good health. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your maximum state of health through sensible eating, reasonable activity levels and wholesome nutrition. We follow the guidelines of the American Dietetic Association and work closely with your physician to implement a nutritional care plan that is specifically designed for you. We use individualized meal plans, behavior modification techniques, and personalized approaches to guide you and coach you towards achieving your health goals.

Bill Schuman, MS, RD, LD is a nationally registered Dietitian with over thirty years of experience. He has been a dietitian in medical centers, dialysis centers, weight loss centers, public health, and has been an independent consultant Dietitian for twenty one years. He is dedicated to helping you achieve your maximum health status through good nutrition.

Jackie Schuman,RN, MSN, MH is a masters level Registered Nurse with over thirty years of experience in all areas of nursing. Her specialty and passion lies with helping the elderly to maintain their independence and optimum level of functioning. She has many years of experience in geriatrics and has been a Professor of Nursing in several colleges and universities.



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