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Bill Schuman, Dietitian

Bill Schuman
is our Nationally Registered Dietitian
William J. Schuman, RD, LD
License No. R560823

Jackie Schuman, RN, MH

Jackie Schuman is our Masters Level Nurse and Nursing Professor




What We Offer to Help You Stay Healthy

Life Long 120 Nutrition Seminar

Nutritional Counseling using the latest knowledge and techniques in the fields of Nutrition, Herbs, and Holistic Medicine.


We offer daily coaching, encouragement, guidance and support to ensure that you can meet your goals and achieve your optimum state of health.









You Are On Common Ground
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The Eden Approach

The Eden Approach is a back to basics approach to good health. We show you how to follow your Doctor's prescribed diet and we explain why it is good for you and how it helps you to stay healthy. We will be your coach, your cheerleader, your biggest fan and your best support. Our step by step approach will lead you to the nourishing success you need to get healthy and stay healthy.

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) provided by a registered dietitian is a key intervention in the treatment of patients with diabetes and pre-dialysis kidney disease. MNT is available to all Medicare recipients who have diabetes and/or kidney problems. It is also available to most people with private health insurance, regardless of whether or not you have diabetes or kidney problems. The service incorporates three initial visits with ongoing follow-up visits for as long as your doctor certifies the necessity on an annual basis.

Does Medicare cover Medical Nutrition Therapy ?
Medicare Part B covers medical nutrition therapy service for people with diabetes or renal disease.

Do I qualify for Medical Nutrition Therapy?
All Medicare beneficiaries who have diabetes or renal disease are covered for medical nutrition therapy.

Holistic Healing Support

Your well being depends on you working in coordination with the needs of your body. We will show you how to give your body what it needs by helping you to be successful in your diet plan and to function at your optimum level. We do not use, or recommend expensive supplements, and we help your physician in his or her efforts to minimize your medications safetly and effectively. Our emphasis is on your body getting the nourishment it needs to help your physician to protect you from disease and maximize your health and independence. We teach you to understand your body and how to do your part in maintaining your highest level of activity in order to lead a fruitful and rewarding life.